Insurance and Fee Information

The basic fees for house call services are based on current Medicare reimbursement rates; the average cost of a 45 minute visit is approximately $150. The final amount charged will depend on the severity of the problem, and amount of time spent on the house call. Additional charges for supplies, medications and procedural services (suturing of a laceration, for example) may also be incurred. We do not accept cash payments for visits; insurance only.

Accepted Insurances



We accept assignment, which means we bill Medicare directly, and all secondary (Medigap) insurance plans. You only pay what's not covered by your insurance.

Medicare reimburses 80% of our physician's professional fee, once you've met your annual deductible. Many supplemental insurance plans pay the remaining 20% of the physician's fee, and some even pay your annual deductible. Some supplemental plans pay our practice directly, but some send payment directly to you.

We ask Medicare patients without supplemental insurance to pay their 20% co-pay at the time of service. Similarly, if your supplemental carrier sends payment to you, we ask that you pay us at the time of service since you will be reimbursed directly by your supplemental carrier.